Songkran, Songklan festival or Water festival

During the middle of April, the hottest month in Thailand. Especially in the Northern Thailand, the temperature can reach up to 40 degrees. Althouth the weather is so hot, Thai celebrated the day as Songkran festival in this month.

Songkran festival is also the Thai traditional New Year's day. The date of the festival was originally set by astrological calculation. There are songs which have a meaning; New Year is coming and the old year is passed. If these days fall on a weekend, the missed days off are taken on the weekdays immediately following. If they fall in the middle of the week, many Thai take off from the previous Friday until the following Monday.

Songkran falls in the hottest time of the year in Thailand, at the end of the dry season. Until 1888 the Thai New Year was the beginning of the year in Thailand; thereafter 1 April was used until 1940. 1 January is now the beginning of the year. The traditional Thai New Year has been a national holiday since then.

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Loykrathong Festival

chiang rai loy krathong festival
Loy krathong festival on full moon November
Chiang_rai trip: The best time to visiting the northern part of Thailand during the months of October to February, when the climate cool and it is the high season for northern. The festivals of Chiangrai help you catch a glimpse of the rich culture of Thailand.

Loy-kra-thong festival is held on the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai Lunar calendar.In the western calendar this usually falls in November.

"Loi" means "to float". "Krathong" is a raft about a handspan in diameter traditionally made from a section of banana tree trunk (although modern-day versions use specially made bread 'flowers' and may use styrofoam), decorated with elaborately-folded banana leaves, flowers, candles, incense sticks etc.

During the night of the full moon, many people will release a small raft like this on a river. Governmental offices, corporations and other organizations also build much bigger and more elaborate rafts, and these are often judged in contests. In addition,fireworks and beauty contests take place during the festival.

There are the integrating arts to make the Krathong from several countries on the Mae Khong River bank, including Thai, China, Lao, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam. For example the phoenix, it is a bird of paradise. Some of them are made by the combination of arts from Thai, Myanmar, and Lao. The other phonixes
are made by the combination of arts from China and Vietnam. Also,some parts of the decorative design are inspired by Cambodia's art. In addition, every part of the Kratong in handmade work.

Chiangrai walking street

chiang rai walking street

hiangrai trip; Every saturday on 4 pm.- 12 pm. at the middle of the city.(In the past, local people call the " business street".

The road will be closed for any vehicles so you can safely walk and enjoy it, it is a location well known as Saturday market or Chiangrai walking street.

The Walking-street runs from Thanalai road, around a kilometer long.

It is a place for entertainments, Thai classical dancing show, and many activities. The merchants come early at 3-4 pm. setting their selling.

There's lot of local foods,
various stores,handicraft, handmade products, souvenir, thai massage and foot massage. It is a good place for shopping, eating,relaxing and night life can't be beat. In the area which is famous attraction likes Chiangrai night barzaa that tourists can't miss.

Chiangrai Golden Clock Tower

Chiangrai Golden Clock Tower
Chiangrai Golden Clock TowerThe new Golden Clocktower Chiangrai, in the center of the town with the beautiful architecture. It is designed by Ajarn Chaloemchai kositpipat; the most famous artist in Chiangrai. The new one is build in honour to the king,his majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is amazing at night, the clock display "light & sound" changed it colour from gloden to red, green, pink, blue and other colours. The lotus bud rises in the center of the clock then blossom at the end.

Chiangrai Flower Festival

chiangrai flower festival
chiangrai flower festivalFlower festival Chiangrai is hold on 27 December to 5 January every year. The Flower parade will be display in the morning, the vehicles are decorated with flowers, the people with colourful fantasy dressing. It is famous for tourists to enjoy the beautiful flower parade and the beauty contest at night.

At the garden, there are so many beautiful flowers such as Tulips, Lillys, Roses, Orchids and any tempurature flowers plants. Fresh and colour flowers blossom can be found here. Never miss the annual carnival at this time, Chiangrai.

Nam-Ngaew, northern Thai food

Nam-ngew is the local food in the northern thailand. It is famous for the person who love noodles with hot and spicy. It teste a little bit spicy . It is also the original recipe of northern Thailand;northern style red soup noodles.

Seasoning with lime, sugar,fish-sauce, spring-onion or coriander. Recommend to eat with crispy pork and stiky-rice for a better taste. Yummy !!

Out of The City (Thoeng District )

phucheefah chiangrai
phucheefah chiangrai
phucheefah chiangrai
Amphoe Thoeng is a dictrict in the eastern part of Chiangrai. About 63 kilometers from Chiangrai city and cover an area 821.0 square kilometers with 84,284 populations. Taking approximately 1.5 hours by private car to get here. Most of people are farmer, gardener or work as employee.

The district is a small city but full of many attractive places up here such as Phu Chee Fah National Park, waterfall, Doi Pha Mon.
Phu Chee Fah is the popular place especially during cold season from December - February with cool climate. The viewpoint with white mist, fresh and clear in the morning. It 's good for breathtaking. Visitors around Thailand come here on this season.
You can touch the beautiful view during the way, anyway you can take a bike by 2-3 hours. It is highly recomend to come with the local or local guide.

For spend overnight here, just don't worry about the accommodations and facilities. Many resorts and tents are available here.

Khun Kon Waterfall

khun korn waterfall;chiangrai
khun kon water-fall;chiangrai province
khun korn waterfall
Khun-korn waterfallAlong the beautiful scenery to the south of Chiangrai is a Khun Korn Waterfall Botanical Garden. In the area of Tambon Maekorn and Tambon Huai Chompoo.

On the way before get to it surrouding with many kind of trees,plants like ferns, wild orchids, insects or wild animals. It is about 34 kilometers far from Chiangrai District. It is a national forest park waterfall, taking around 40 minutes to get there. Khun Korn Waterfall is the highest waterfall of the province, about 70 meters high.The water runs crystal clear all yesr round without any limestone settings.

However, along the way to Khunkorn waterfall has wide space for camping and you can learning about the nature. You can visit here anytime within the year.

Wat PhraKaew Chiangrai

phra yok chiangrai

wat phra kaew chiangrai

wat phra kaew chiangrai
Wat Phrakaew Chiangrai

The temple situated on Singhakrai road and located behind Wat Phra Singha is Wat Phra Kaeo. The temple with wooden structure its beautiful and peace place. The temple is said to have been the original place where the Emerald Buddha, now enshrined in Bangkok's Wat Phra Kaeo ( Chapel of the Emerald Buddha ) was enshrined. The Emerald Buddha has a long history and is said to have resided first in Sri Lanka, followed by Cambodia at Angkor Wat.

Formerly called Wat Pa Yiah (Bamboo Forest), this is where the Emerald Buddha image was first discovered. In 1434 the temple's octagonal Pagoda was struck by lightening and it fell apart to reveal PhraKaew Morakot, the Emerald Buddha. Thus the name of the temple was derived. The temple also houses a 600-years bronz statue of PhraChao Lan Thong and the famous Jade Buddha. His Majesty the king graciously upgraded the temple to the third-common-class royal temple in 1978.

Kok river or Haad Chiangrai

haad chiangrai or Kok river
beautiful scenery at kok river chiangrai
maenam kok river chiangrai province
Kok river, the originated from Burma
Maekok river basin Chiangrai
It is Kok River but local people known as " Pattaya Noi. " or Haad Chiangrai. A 8 kilometers west from the city, this scenic riverside areas. It is a famous place for swimming or sunbathe, especially in summer. Various of restaurent in easy style along the river. Just relax and take fresh air with beautiful scenery, moutain, long-tail boat or any activities.

Mu Yor or Northern Sausage

northern sausage
Mu yor or Northern sausage is one of the most popular meat products, especailly in the Northern part of Thailand . Mu yor has several brand name, it is not the same taste so you have to try for the best one.

Muyor, wraped with banana leaf, some with plastic, seasoning with pepper. It is a good souvenir and a good one menu.

Yam Mu Yor
(Spicy Northern-style Pork Sausage Salad ) with hot and spicy taste. Boil the sausage until cooked. Then, slice into small pieces. Pound the garlic and fresh chillies together. Mix together the garlic, fresh chillies, chilli sauce, lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar. This creates the spicy dressing.
In a serving dish, top the sausages and bed of tomatoes and onions with the spicy dressing. When serving, garnish with mint leaves and fresh chillies.

Accommadation in Chiangrai

Chiangrai: Accommodation Hotels, resorts, guest-houses

Welcome to the Northern-most of Thailand " Chiangrai " Everyone wants a best accommodation during the trip with good service and minimum rent. Chiangrai has low-cost and costly from minimum to maximum rate.

Guest-house with cleaned, comfortable and also
reputable.The one choice for backpackers.

On the way out of town in a quiet location. 2 kilometers from central of the town. Close to the 1st bus terminal, the Night Bazaar, Day market and saturday walking-street. Internet cafe service is also around here .
A laundry service, and hotel pick up service.The guest-house also has a good menu to choose from Thai and Western. However you could choose to accommodate yourself in one of the perfectly rooms. That make your happyness.

There are 3-4 guest-houses in this area nearby Jitaree such as Maehongson guest-house, Bowling guest-house and Akha river house guest-house.
I don't know how many Chiangrai hotels there are but a lot of choices for all your needs.

The white temple or Wat Rongkhun

The white temple or Wat RongkhunThe interior of Wat Rongkhun is devided into three zones. The Buddhavasa, or the abode of the Buddha, is on the right with posts sparsely placed as boundary. It comprises the Bot, the building where the Buddha's relics are kept, and the bridge of Bliss. The Sanghavasa, or the living quarters of the Buddhist monks, is on the left opposite the bridge of Bliss. It cpmprises monk cells and a big contemplation hall (to be constructed). As for the Gharavasa, or the layman quarters, it comprises an art gallery, a golden toilet, and the big preaching hall which is devided into three storeys. The ground floor serves as an all-purpose hall for performing meritorious ceremonies, holding meetings, and giving lectures on basic dhamma on Saturday and Sunday. The second storey is a dhamma library where the Buddhist doctrine is taught is Pali. The third storey is for meditation. Next to the preaching hall is the crematorium, built especially for the cremation of the faithful followers of Wat Rong Khun, the deceased with no relatives, the artist's disciples, and Chalermchai himself.

The white temple or Wat Rongkhun
A13 kilometers before geting to Chiangrai is Watrongkhun. The amazing temple you shouldn't miss.Wat RongKhun is also known as the white temple that created by Mr. Chalermchai Kositpipat, the famous artist well-known around the world. "The temple repersentation of hell or suffering "said Chalermchai

The temple construction started in 1998 but not finished yet and still doing by the local artists in Lanna style. When completed, the temple will consist of nine buildings.

The interesting King of Nagas statues in front of the temple,
the bridge leading to the temple represents the crossing over from the cycle of rebirth.
The White temple; glittering with a pieces of mirrors. That 's so beautiful structure. There is also the art gallery showing his paintings nearby the temple. It is a beautiful place that you should visit once.

Wat Phra Singh

wat prasingha chiangrai
wat prasingha chiangrai Thailand
prasingha chiangrai
wat prasingha chiangrai
prasingha temple chiangrai
Wat Pra Singha is in the municipal area. It has been an ancient temple of Chiangrai since former time. It was built in Pra Chao Maha Proma period (King Maha Proma 1345-1400 C.E. ). WHo was King Kue Na. King of CHiangmai's brother. It was regarded that was built in 1385.

The word "Pra Singha" is concidered that means the places where Pra Singha used to be situated. Singha is an important Buddha image which is regarded that it's name told the story of Langkawong Theravat as well as the well-known Pra Buddhasihink.

But, in the northern region or Lanna Thai. They didn't name "Pra Buddhasihink" but to be called "Pra Singha". Some wisemen tried to conclud Pra Singha is "Singhonawat" the king who built Yonok Naknakorn. Some, said that it meant "Pra Salayasingha" a name of the Lord Buddha.

In concludsion, Pra Singha and Pra BuddhaSihink are the name of the Buddha image in Langka Wong style. Because, the regarded places that Prasingha used to be situated, was shown that Buddhistic Langka Wong Theravat Sect reached those area, so we may consider that, the Buddha image is a symbol of Buddhistic Langka Wong Theravat Sect in Thailand. There was not any sign before 20 century Buddhistic century.

Night life in Chiangrai

There' s nothing much to do after sundown in Chiangrai. The best place to go is Night Barzaa or the night market. Chiangrai Night Barzaa is on Pahonyothin road between the bus-station(The 1st bus station). You can buy a variety of local products and handricrafts by hilltribes. Price quiet high for traveller, especailly in high season. You can bargain for the reasonable price that you want. Most of merchant are hilltribes.

Here is a place to enjoy with many stands of restaurent.
It's the place to get any kinds of food; Thai local food, japanese food or western food.

The food is great and you receive excellent value for money.The dishes that you should try are papaya salad (spicy teste), fried-rice, fried rice noodles, spicy soup with prawn (well-known as Tom Yum Kung) and babq etc. You can find everythings up here, 2 stages with live music and Thai classical dancing. Many people looking for foods and sitting around drinking and eating till midnight.The people are welcoming and friendly.

Khaosoi, northern thai food

khao soi kai,khao soi gai
khao soi kai recipe
Khao Soi :Traditional northern food with hot and spicy, taste for Northern people. Actually, it is an egg noodles with red curry paste. Quite easy to cook but not. Meat for Khao Soi is beef , chicken or meat-ball as well. The dish includes coconut cream, onions and parsley. Put some of crispy egg noodles on top. Seasoning with oiled chillies, lemon, sugar or fish- sauce.

Kok River ( Maenamkok )

kok river chiangrai
A 30 minutes walking through the north is Kok River, an approximately 130 kilometers long riverway. The boat-stop is located on Maefahluang Bridge. A long-tail boat is a major transportation from Chiangrai to Tha Ton or Tha Ton to Chiangrai. (Tha Ton is a 180 kilometers from Chiangmai) Taking 3-4 hours long journey.

Travellers can take a long-tail boat along the river, enjoy travelling , spending time at the river, surrounding with forest . Having fun with the way of life , good view , birds, moutain scenery and several hilltribes. The elephant camps is about 30 minutes from the boat-stop. Local people called " Ruammit villages " , including Karen, Lahu and Akha. Jungle treks is also start from here too. The journey should be start in the morning.

King Mengrai Monument

kingmengrai monument chiangrai

The Great monument " King Mengrai " located in Muang Chiangrai District, on the intersection to Maechan and Maesai District. A brief history of King Mengrai. Chiang Rai was founded by King Meng Rai in 1262. He was born in Chiangsean in 1239 A.D. and he first established Chiangrai to the capital of Lanna Kingdom then he moved it to Chiangmai.

Ku Phra Chao Mengrai Situated in Wat Ngam Muang, on Ngam Muang Hillock, this stupa contains king Mengrai's ashes and relics. Wat Phra That Doi Chom Thong This ancient hilltop pagoda overlooks the Mae Kok River and predateds the founding of Chiang Rai as the capital of Lanna Thai.

Chiangrai information

Guideline for

travel to Chiangrai province.

If you're looking for a vacation destination in Thailand, a favorite, there are many provinces that are famous for tourists but the first place that comes to your mind is Bangkok(The capital city of Thailand). However if you Thailand,you may not miss a trip to Chiangrai.

Chiangrai province (เชียงราย) is also one of the major places that tourists are aiming to go on a vacation. You can visit and learn as well as remember with tradition Lanna Thai Style. ( The Kingdom of a million rice fields.)

The city of Chiang Rai was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom and the city's most honored temple is Wat Phra Kaew. The city is surrounded with moutains. Chiangrai is a small city but has everything to offer for traveler.

Chiangrai is situate in the Northern most of Thailand where' s the three borders meets, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Chiangrai covers some 11,678 square kilometers with a 1.23 million population. Approximately 829 kilometers north of Bangkok. Chiangrai contains Thailand's northernmost point at Mae Sai, is well known for its crisp moutain scenery, hilltribes and the region known as the Golden Triangle.

You can learn how to speak local language(Lanna style),understand about Thai traditions,you can eat tasty thai food(northern thai food) and learning the way of life.

However, in order to experience Lanna tradition, you can make a decision to stay in Chiangrai as long as you can. For nature lovers , there is nothing better than getting outdoors and going for a nice long trek and hilltribes , visiting hilltribe villages Akha, Lisu, Karen, Longneck , bamboo rafting or bicycle tour and enjoy a great place or any fun activities.